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Comments from viewers of Acadia Visitor Online
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It is good to find a guide for your area that is uncluttered, loads fast, and allows us to get the information we need for our vacation quickly.....
Lex Harris
Auburn, Alabama

We made up our entire vacation itinerary from your website. Although small and concise, we found your site very informative and helpful. Everything we needed is there...
The Adelman Family
Lake Tahoe, CA

Thanks for helping us find lodging and things to do by using the trip planner form on your website. The responses from your members was pleasantly overwhelming and made our planning almost effortless. We had a wonderful time while in your area and found the friendliness there surprising.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Folker
Pensacola, FL

Although we found your website strong in lodging, we found it weak in activities and RV/Camping facilities. Your kindness in emailing us the phone numbers of places that could accommodate our RV is appreciated and allowed us to find the perfect spot. You should try to get more members in the categories that we found lacking.
The Robbins
Greenbay, WI

We are surprised that you don't have more members of Acadia Visitor Online. As easy as it is to navigate we would think your membership would be much larger. At any rate, we appreciate your present members that we patronized for their help and hospitality. We will be back next year.
The Holly Family
Baton Rouge, LA

Thanks to your guide and its help we had a truly wonderful time while visiting Acadia. The area there is one of the most refreshing that we have ever visited. Please keep it always as beautiful and pure as it now is.
Robert and Diane Delgado
Salt Lake City, UT

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